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How to Enjoy Clean, Safe Water From Your Water Well

Bucket Of Well Water
One concern that many homeowners have is about the quality of the water that their families have to drink. Water quality is even more of a concern for the many families who rely on wells for their water supply. These are some of the things that will help you enjoy high-quality, safe, and clean well water.
Ensure Your Well and Pump Are Installed Properly
A well that isn't installed deep enough can make contaminated water more of a problem, and a well pump that doesn't work properly may not be able to pump clean water for you and your family.
Make sure your well is deep enough and that all of your equipment is installed properly and maintained regularly. The casing of your well should extend well below the water table to reduce the risk of contamination.
Have Your Well Water Tested Regularly
Test your well water once a year at minimum. If you've had problems with the quality of your well water in the past or if you have additional concerns, having it tested more often is never a bad idea.
Install a Water Softener
Hard water is sometimes a problem both for those who have well water and those who use their municipal water supplies. Hard water can impact your skin and hair, cause problems with your pipes and water-using appliances, and make cleanup difficult throughout your home. A water softener will help get rid of the minerals in your hard water, providing you with a better water source.
Consider a Whole-House Water Filtration System
A water filtration system that you install in your home will filter all of the water that comes into your home before you and your family uses it. First, this system will remove contaminants and ensure your household water supply is clean and safe.
A water filtration system can even be helpful when water safety is not a problem. Many people find that they don't like the taste of their well water even if the water has been tested and is considered to be safe. A water filtration system is helpful in improving the quality of the well water that you and your family members rely on for drinking.
Be Careful About Potential Contaminants
Several things can lead to contamination of your well water. For one thing, serious flooding in your area has the potential to contaminate your well water with sewage or other contaminants. If flooding occurs, you'll want to avoid using your well water until the floodwater has receded and a professional has deemed your water to be safe.
Household contaminants can also cause problems with your well water. You might have never thought twice about using fertilizer to fertilize your grass or garden, and you might have sprayed pest control products or poured out old cleaning products in your yard. These things might not seem like a big deal, but they could contaminate your well.
Be aware of the chemicals that can contaminate your well water and be careful when using or disposing of chemicals to prevent contamination of your well.
Have Well Water Checked If You're in Doubt
Even if you follow all of this advice, something could still go wrong with your well water's quality. If you're in doubt, such as if your well water has a strange smell, appearance, or taste, stop using it until you can have it checked out.
Do you need help with installing your well and taking care of all of your well-related needs? If so, contact us at Loverin Pump & Drilling Co. so that we can tell you about our residential services.


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