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Water-Well Drilling in Visalia 

Water well drilling services
Mud rotary drilling is a good method for boring into unconsolidated ground formations. This drilling method involves the use drilling fluid, known as "mud," to flush the drill site of cuttings. The mud also serves as a method to keep the drill cool.
Mud rotary is an inexpensive drilling method that can be performed in all hydrological conditions.

Reverse Rotary Drilling

Another method to bore through unconsolidated formations is flooded reverse rotary drilling. This method excels at creating large diameter bores with efficiency. With flooded rotary, a suction pump is used to remove the drill's cuttings while water and hydrostatic pressure prevents cavings.

Hard Rock Drilling

Hard rock requires unique tools to drill through and can often represent a major obstacle to a well drilling. We have the tools to complete your well no matter the material.

Continued Well Services

We offer casing diameters of 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16" and 18", and casing driven depths of up to 1,600'. After we've drilled your bore, we're prepared to service it with our well developing and pump testing. Call us to learn more about starting your well.